Monday, January 26, 2009

Organizational Diagnosis RE: 1/19

Hello again,

I am writing to you this evening with regards to organizational diagnosis.

I will continue to ponder the ideals surrounding organizational culture and also the premise for this course. There are no readings for this week in the course and no class, however, I will reflect on the previous readings and try to look at what this is all about. I continue to think about organizational culture and how it plays a role in the establishment of processes and procedures of a org. Further the significance of it in the development of team and a common vision and goal of evolving to reach success whatever that maybe. Whether it is my past employment history of the public government agency, a small family run business, restaurants, or small businesses or huge government entities, I think looking back that the culture played a HUGE foundational base to the agencies direction. Whether it was low staff morale, a highly driven militaristic conglomerate, or a lacksidasical office, each one took its toll on me and also now looking back, I can see why ones fared well and others didn’t.

At the same time, I think respecting the individual and how they perceive the agency and their culture is another thing to consider. Some individuals may enjoy and thrive in a org culture that promotes autonomy, or teamwork or structure and a militaristic style compared to a fun-loving, supportive social style. Power…whether, authoritative, referent or expert is something to be considered as well. As I am pondering my reading and also this course, I believe the establishment of power styles is a thing to contend with as well.

Have a good evening. W~

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