Sunday, March 8, 2009

Conflict RE: 2/9

This weeks readings is pertaining to and encompassing of conflict. The question to be answered is whether or not conflict in the organization is good, bad or what. Conflict is inevitable and probable with employees and their positions, personal views, perceptions, etc. Now conflict can occur between co-workers, managers to subordinate staff and between managers/administrators. Further, conflict can also be from an employee or an administrator with a process, procedure, job expectation or potential external and internal pressures. As conflict happens, it is not what happens during the conflict, but rather the steps that are taken to indemnify the parties involved in the conflict and find resolution all the while maintaining respect for all parties and/or processes in place.

I do personally do not like conflict, whereas some aggressive people may feed upon it, but I do find it a means to resolution and cohesion among people and an organization. To those who thrive off conflict, I find them missing out in some other aspect of their lives, to which each person is different. The more I deal with conflict, whether myself or my students and staff, and the more I am able to work through it in terms of mediation, a consensus or a respectful agreement to disagree, I do enjoy working through the conflict phase. All to often I see in conflict just as our readings suggest, that people are more worried about be defensive or attacking that they loose site and fail to listen to the other person or process with which they are in conflict with. Just as mentioned, many times issues of conflict can be solved if only people had taken a more open, relaxed and respectable approach. With that I will look into my OD to see how conflict effects the situation I am investigating.

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