Sunday, March 8, 2009

My thoughts on the holistic approach to OD RE: 3/2

In preparing for this class, I am working to gain a holistic approach in Organizational Diagnosis. Like the counselor I am, and my concerns on the whole child, I tend to think of the organization as the child. In school counseling, we counselors often worry about where a student came from…what is their history? What is their background of experiences? We also often wonder what is their home life like? Doe they have any friends? Do they get along well with others? What are their goals? Did they eat and shower last night? Have they had an updated medical exam? Do they need glasses to see what is being taught to them?

Now in contrast, yet comparison, the organization is mush the same. When looking at the whole organization, its history, its background and experiences, and its daily ins and outs are what form and continue to contribute to its success or lack thereof. The medical check-ups could be the internal or external investigations or consulting that takes place. The glasses, could be that are people either management or front-line staff, truly seeing the problems at hand and are they able to have the skills to address them or can they play well with others.

I offer that OD set in with me when I stood back and looked at it from my lens as a counselor. I am no longer working with an individual or a group of individuals focused on recovery, but I am looking at diagnosing and offering an intervention to an organization interested in recovery and self-obtainable improvement. I have finally had my AHH HAAA moment with OD! And thank goodness.

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