Sunday, March 8, 2009

Relationships, relationships, relationships, RE: 2/2

If you haven’t figured by now, this week’s entry is all about relationships. Whether it is individual relationships between employees, management relationships with staff, group cohesion, autonomy, or employee to group and employee and/or group to the organization and its vision, mission and/or purpose, I am reading and feeling that relationships are key.

Without established positive relationships, an organization can flounder. It is imperative to realize that the cancerous employees may often times be the ones who speak the loudest at meetings, during OD consulting and also to the public. The squeaky wheel gets the oil, right? Well that may in part be significantly true. With that being said, as OD is being completed, the researcher, whether internal or external, notation must be made about to what extent the relationships are between who and what.

Although relationships are not concrete, change with time and are at times unquantifiable, they can be the foundation of a business/school and even a change brought about by OD.

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